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Digital Radiography

What is a digital x-ray exam (radiography)?

Digital radiography is the use of digital x-ray sensors in place of traditional photographic film. Using a digital image capture device, the advantages of digital radiography become instantly clear. The advantages include less radiation to produce an image than of conventional radiography, immediate image preview, faster results, and the ability for physician to view the patient’s reports while being miles from our facility. The patient will be able to have the images on a disk to take to his/her physician, or the physician will be able to view the reports on their computer.

Why is this exam done?

The x-ray exam is done to examine different parts of your body to identify fractures, lung infections, digestive problems, etc. The parts of body that are examined may include abdomen, chest, or bones.


  • You should wear loose, comfortable clothing the day of the exam. You may be given a hospital gown to wear during the exam.

  • You will be asked to remove metal items (such as keys, belts, wallets, jewelry, eye glasses) before the exam.

  • Women should inform the doctor if there is any possibility they are pregnant.

  • Some patients may be given a contrast material, depending on the area being tested.

During the Exam

Depending on the area of interest, you may be asked to stand against a surface or lie on a table. You will be positioned by the technologist and the procedure will be performed. Overall, it will be completely painless, and may only take a few minutes to complete.


A radiologist will interpret your results and send them to your primary care, or referring physician.

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